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Information about the usenet group (also called CDO misc):

Group's charter[edit] is a news group where topics generally related to the use of software from Oracle Corporation may be posted. This group provides a forum for topics which do not fall within any of the more specific subgroups.

This news group is not intended as a marketplace where employment advertisements or commercial announcements may be posted. These should be directed to


This group will provide a forum for topics which do not fall within any more specific subgroup. Renaming the group should better define the subjects of articles posted there. The .misc suffix will help people reading the news group understand that it is a catch-all for miscellaneous topics.

The straw poll indicated that many preferred to keep, with no name change. However, a larger percentage preferred to rename the group. This has been a topic of heated discussions in other groups within the Usenet. It is the decision of the proponents to go with the majority, with the hope that this will not cause too much controversy here.


This newsgroup was created after it passed its vote for creation by 222:42 as reported in news.announce.newgroups on 5 October 1996. This group was created on 10 October 1996 and supersedes, which was removed on 10 December 1996.

Current status[edit]

Open, unmoderated.

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