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Information about the usenet group (also called CDO tools):

Group's charter[edit] is a news group provided for discussion of software applications and tools available from Oracle Corporation, or designed to work with Oracle applications. Developers of end-user applications will find this newsgroup most useful.

This group includes but is not limited to articles discussing applications and topics such as the following:

Due to the wide variety of applications which are discussed in this group, each article title should begin with the application it involves (examples: Forms 4.5: Reports 2.5: SQL*Plus: etc.) Do not use general titles such as "A simple question".


This group will provide a forum to discuss the wide range of tools and applications available from or for Oracle, which is now a major area of interest and generates much news group traffic.


This newsgroup was created after it passed its vote for creation by 232:25 as reported in news.announce.newgroups on 5 October 1996. This group was created on 10 October 1996.

Current status[edit]

Open, unmoderated.

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