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Headline text[edit]

List of Oracle Freeware products available in alphabetical order:

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A relationship-oriented Database Browser. Provides insight into both the data and the interrelation of the rows. Navigate bidirectionally through the database by following foreign-key-based or user-defined relationships. Automatic detection of foreign keys. SQL/DML generator.
Latest version: 8.6.3 (2019-05-10)


DBA Shell Functions and Scripts to make it easy for common Database command-line chores such as assigning Environment variables, running scripts into logs, provide stored passwords, error checking, checking for db status, database restarts, compile, etc.
Latest version: 0.85 (2006-07-11)

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle Express[edit]

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle Express is a free (only for Oracle Express Edition) edition of the handy free comparison tool, dbForge Data Compare for Oracle, from Devart. It helps to compare data in Oracle databases, find the differences at a glance, and get a SQL*Plus-compatible synchronization script to effortlessly synchronize data. All this is done in a clear graphical interface.
The latest version: 5.0 (2018-08-21) - Discontinued

dbForge Edge Express[edit]

dbForge Edge is a professional multidatabase solution for Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL databases. Designed to address a broad spectrum of database development, management, and administration tasks, it streamlines daily work, automates routine processes, and enhances the user's performance. dbForge Edge offers a comprehensive toolset for tackling all the common challenges on multiple database systems.
Latest version: 2.1 (2024-02-19)

dbForge Studio for Oracle Express[edit]

dbForge Studio for Oracle is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) which helps Oracle developers to increase PL/SQL coding speed, provides versatile data editing tools for managing in-database and external data. This tool allows to synchronize data between different Oracle servers and automate schema change management process during development. It also adds lots of features wrapped into a smooth management GUI consistent with Microsoft Visual Studio.
Latest version: 4.6 (2024-02-19)

dotConnect for Oracle Express[edit]

dotConnect Express for Oracle is a free (only for Oracle Express Edition) of charge enhanced ORM enabled data provider for Oracle that builds on ADO.NET technology to present a complete solution for developing Oracle-based database applications. It introduces new approaches for designing application architecture, boosts productivity, and leverages database applications. dotConnect for Oracle features high performance, easy deployment, support for the latest versions of Oracle server and advanced Visual Studio 2008/2010/2012/2013 integration.
Latest version: 9.4 (2017-05-25)

Entity Developer Express[edit]

Entity Developer is an ORM designer for ADO.NET Entity Framework, NHibernate, LinqConnect, and LINQ to SQL. You can use Model-First and Database-First approaches to design your ORM model and generate C# or Visual Basic .NET code for it. It introduces new approaches for designing ORM models, boosts productivity, and facilitates the development of database applications. Entity Developer supports
Latest version: 6.1.284(2017-06-23)


Hammerora is a load generation tool for Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g on Linux/UNIX and Windows written in TCL/TK released under the GNU Public License. Therefore with Hammerora there is no expensive per "Virtual User" licensing. You can create the desired number of sessions that your hardware will sustain.
Latest version: 2.20 (2016-MAY)

Instant SQL Formatter[edit]

Instant SQL Formatter is a free online sql tidy tool, actually, it not only can beautify your sql but also can turn your formatted sql into html code, so you can post coloured sql code in your blog, forum,wiki and any website easily. In addition to beautifying SQL code, this sql tool can translate SQL code into C#, Java, PHP, DELPHI and other program languages. Another useful feature is find out all database objects such as table, column, function in sql by selecting output format to list database object.


Database Subsetting and Data Browsing tool. Exports consistent, referentially intact row-sets from relational databases. It removes obsolete data without violating integrity. Generates DbUnit datasets, hierarchically structured XML, and topologically sorted SQL-DML. Since Release 3.6 it is also possible to browse a database based on relationships.
Latest version: 7.6.9 (2018-04-10)


A Data Pump program which does much more than expdp and impdp.
Latest version: 2020.06.12


A Windows program which checks the installed and used options and features in an Oracle database.
Latest version: 2022.02.06


A program which checks the content of your Oracle password files.
Latest version: 2021.12.07


A Windows stand-alone lsnrctl-like program which requires no Oracle client.
Latest version: 2018.12.11


A Windows stand-alone tnsping-like program which requires no Oracle client.
Latest version: 2023.07.11


a Windows program which allows you to unwrap your 10g+ wrapped PL/SQL codes.
Latest version: 2021.12.03


MyOra is a free SQL Tool for Oracle database developers and DBAs. This tool is simple, fast and easy to use, requires no installation, no Oracle client and no internet connection. Just download, unzip and start using with a click of the mouse, run SQL queries and Monitor database performance in Real Time.
Latest version: 9.6 (2022-07-14)

Online MySQL Formatter[edit]

Online MySQL Formatter is designed to enhance the style of your code and establish unified formatting standards across database development teams. Type or paste your code into the text box and apply any of the available formatting profiles to get the results. Online MySQL Formatter is powered by dbForge Studio for MySQL.

OraExp - open source, cross platform, native, asynchronous Oracle IDE[edit]

OraExp is an open source Oracle IDE that targets to be lightweight and easy to use. Currently it is oriented mainly towards software developers. It works on Linux, Mac and Windows and supports Oracle 9i and later.
Latest version: 0.1.4 (2016-01-13)


OraSentry is a "Charityware" that allows you to monitor continuously Oracle databases' Alert.log files.
Latest version: 5.2.1 (2015-FEB)

OraSnap (Oracle Snapshot)[edit]

OraSnap is a utility that gathers performance information from an Oracle v7.3.x, v8.x, v9.x database. These scripts can aid in tuning and optimizing your database. Output can be viewed from a Web Browser.
Latest version: 2008-01-14


Pretoria is a tool for manipulating Oracle indexfiles. Basically, Pretoria parses the indexfile and performs a search and replace on the storage parameters - it then separates table create statements and index create statements.
Latest version: 4 (2013-09-11)


Trendanalysis on Oracle database with RRDTool. Latest version: 1.0 (2004-03-24)

Schema graphical editor[edit]

Database Organizer is an web schema editor with functionality related to performance analyzation, sql builder, etc.
Latest version: 5b (2003-05-19)


Simple command line tool which generates HTML reports of oracle DB schema, including UML diagrams showing relationships. A little fiddly to set up. Free & Open Source
Latest version: 5.0.0 (2010-08-16) Graphical version: 0.99 (2009-02-21)

sequelTools Session Browser[edit]

sequelTools Session Browser is a session browsing and monitoring tool, focused on the needs of database developers. It allows to filter and find sessions easily and retrieve detailed information about current state, locks, long operations, wait events etc. The software offers a web-based frontend and allows to switch between an unlimited number of database connections.
Latest version: 0.2.2 (2022-09-15)

SQL Developer[edit]

Oracle SQL Developer is a new, free graphical tool for database development. With SQL Developer, you can browse database objects, run SQL statements and SQL scripts, and edit and debug PL/SQL statements. You can also run any number of provided reports, as well as create and save your own. SQL Developer enhances productivity and simplifies your database development tasks.
Latest version: 4.1.3 (2016-06-28)


SQLTools is a light weighted and robust tool for Oracle database development by Aleksey Kochetov. It includes a text editor, an sql console and a couple of SQL utilities. You can use it for dial-up connection and it will work as fast as SQL*Plus.
Latest version: 1.7.55 (2015-11-08)

The DDL Extract Wizard[edit]

The DDL Extract Wizard reads an Oracle export file and displays the DDL code contained within. The DDL can be written out as a series of SQL build scripts or as an interlinked HTML documentation tree. Rules can be applied which will globally modify optional DDL parameters such as tablespace names and storage clauses.
Latest version: v04.02.04 (2007)

TSHSQL - PL/SQL Editor and SQL Query Tool[edit]

TSHSQL is a Java based PL/SQL editor and SQL query tool which works on any OS that supports a Java JRE (and an Oracle client installation for full OCI support).
Latest version: v112 (2005-03-10)


VISKey is a free browser-based tool, that visualizes all underlying data dictionary views for the object-types like: Tables, Views, MViews,Sequences...
In addition, it can act as a short reference for the classic DDL commands for each object-type, like "create index, create scheduler job,...
Latest version: 1.0 (July 2023)